A capuchin uses a stone tool to pound another stone in an image from the BBC production ‘Wild Brazil’

This week the BBC has been showing the 3-part ‘Wild Brazil‘ program, featuring the tool-using capuchins of Serra da Capivara. Both stick and stone tool use are covered, including the recently reported behaviour of female capuchins using stones to attract the attention of males in a sexual display (see Falotico and Ottoni 2013; also here). As is typical for BBC nature documentaries, the footage is of very high quality, and captures other behaviour such as capuchins hunting punaré, a species of spiny rat.

Several other Brazilian animals are covered by the programs, including jaguars, caimans, otters and coati. At the end of each episode is a short ‘making of’ section, which for the capuchins focuses on University of Sao Paulo and Durham University graduate student Camila Coelho (click here for further information). UK residents can watch the series on the BBC iPlayer for the next week.


Falotico T., and Ottoni E. 2013. Stone throwing as a sexual display in wild female bearded capuchin monkeys, Sapajus libidinosus. PLoS One 8:e79535.